Who has your vital info in an emergency?

As the world faces the Coronavirus Covid-19, we need to ensure we have measures in place to take care of ourselves and others while isolating or in lockdown. Do you have the info you need for a hospital, paramedic, family member or emergency service in your area? 

If we asked you your spouse or closest friend’s phone number, you’d get it off your phone, right? But what if your battery is flat or you need to hand all details to a medic?


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Household Management Plan

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The best way to ensure you have all the information you need to deal with potential Covid-19 and other emergencies – while avoiding data losses through hacks and service provider downtime – is to have a list, on paper, where it can be easily accessed.

About Emerge Crisis Plans

It is essential that we all have access to important numbers and resources, especially during load-shedding or loss of devices or connectivity, when the numbers we need may be on that device that. With the Coronavirus, Covid-19, being top of mind globally, it’s vital that individuals and families have a plan in the household that enables all of us to continue as near to normal as possible.

For example, do you know the name and strength of the medication you are taking? Your partner needs? They’ll ask you that at a hospital or doctor’s room… Do you know your domestic assistant’s next of kin or home address? What is your manager’s mobile number if you need to call?

Emerge Crisis Plans’ Household Management document does not require you to put any of your data online, but merely to fill in The List – information you’ll need to contact emergency and personal services and have speedy access to your staff, friends, delivery options and a variety of other information that may suddenly become important.

For just ZAR20.00 (or one Euro, US Dollar, British Pound) you get a PDF to print out and fill in so that everyone in your household is able to contact a service they may need in the midst of a Covid-19 scare or when the power goes out. For years, we’ve worked towards the “paperless office” – but sometimes, what we need is a paper document kept in a safe place that is simple and can be taken with you to your doctor or emergency room.

Fill in as many of the details as you can on your list. It may not be high-tech, but it can’t disappear when a mobile signal is lost or when your device runs out of battery power.


We will update you on news you need to know about Covid-19, tips to assist safety and power cuts – always for PREPAREDNESS and not PANIC. Sources will be credited and facts checked with expert organisations and trusted news platforms… for your peace of mind.

As of today, we have the Household Management Plan available and will have the Business Management Plan for SMB continuity ready shortly.

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To ensure the safety of your personal information, Emerge Crisis Plans does not require any of your data, and your payment details are not available to us. For queries, please mail: info@emergecrisisplans.co.za.

Keeping you in the know

Trustworthy health updates

The World Health Organisation is launching a messaging service with partners WhatsApp and Facebook to keep people safe from the novel coronavirus, Covid-19.

The user-friendly messaging service has the potential to reach 20 billion people, and enables the WHO to get info directly into the hands of the people who need it.

The service will provide the latest news and information on Covid-19, including details on symptoms and how people can protect themselves and others.

Click www.WHO.org for more info.

Loadshedding alerts

Eskom se Push is a must-have app for South Africans in some 50 000 areas around the country to get notifications about upcoming and current-stage load shedding in their areas and prepare for time with no electricity. Download from

PLEASE NOTE: UPDATED NEWS and statistics from South African Government Covid-19 Coronavirus resource portal:

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Print out your document at just R20.00 per PDF and send another to friends, family, and workers who may not live with you. Simply use their email address when purchasing. 

Dianne Bayley

Healthcare & Business Continuity Writer

Johannesburg, South Africa


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